Nani Tes :P

because all good campaigns need a white-haired anime protag


Gunslinger (lvl 5)


Nani woke up in a ruin somewhere approximately three years ago. The memories from then are pretty blurry in her cybernetic brain, but she was definitely somewhere and there were definitely walls.
She constructed herself a musket out of scrap parts she found, and has been wandering around exploring the world ever since. She’s not really sure what she is, or what she’s for, or what the world is all about, but she’s determined to figure it out.
Now she’s getting close to something: they’ve been in countless ruins, seen first folk technology, she has a fancy new gun, and she has two – well, one and a half – android friends!
Maybe she’ll find out the reason she was created. Maybe she’ll find out why the first folk left. Maybe she won’t. But either way, she’s going on some wicked adventures.

Nani Tes :P

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