This New Age of Thunder

The Story Thus Far
Many things

The story begins in the town of Corusbergh, a small settlement in northern Shimerin, nestled right against The Briar.

The Party (Alexandria, Malak, Nani, and Yummabat) had gathered in an inn called The Crone's Stones to interview for a job under one Devon Crestol. None of them got it. 
They did however attract the attention of an ex-business partern of Devon's, Ridley Goodwine.

Ridley and Devon had gotten the contract to be the first people to enter a first folk structure in the North. After a disagreement, it seemed like Devon had cut Ridley out of the deal.
Ridley hired the party to follow Devon and his crew into the structure (a tower nestled in the near-by Overdown Mountains). They were explicitly told not to hurt anyone, as their only goal was to find any scientific artifacts that Devon might miss, and bring them back to Ridley for study.

The party shipped out a good two hours after Devon and his crew, were briefly mugged, and then came to the entrance of The Tower. The party started finding the bodies of dead expedition members and, after finding their path blocked, punched their way into another part if the tower, They fought strange headless trash gremlins and witnessed the Elven mage from the expedition murdering Devon in cold blood. The Elf



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