The Pantheon Greater

Occasionally seen as a godly contradiction by scholars, Barbadon is both a god of justice, and a god of destruction. His followers know that sometimes the only way to heal a wound is to cauterize it and that speaks volumes about the worship of Barbadon. He purifies the wicked through righteous fire, and cleanses his followers through a gauntlet of trials. Many come to the worship of Barbadon after extremely traumatic events, they jump right from the frying pan and into the fire. His holy temple is in Crysandiil, and is the home of The Holy Seekers of Barbadon (a fun bunch)
Alignment: LG
Domains: Destruction, Fire, Healing, Law
Worshippers: Survivors, Nurses, Paladins
Symbol: A hand, palm forward, missing its ring finger.
Favoured Weapon: Battle aspergillum (comes in a two-handed version cause i say so)
Holy Animal: Sunhawks

Lily Lookabout
Alignment: NG
Domains: Community, Luck, Travel, Vermin
Worshippers: Halflings, Travelers, Gamblers, Barkeeps
Symbol: Three coins forming a clubs
Favoured Weapon: Kumade
Holy Animal: Worms, Scorpions, and Beetles


The Raven
Alignment: TN
Domains: Darkness, (Death or Repose), Knowledge, Magic
Worshippers: Gravekeepers, The Raveners, Necromancers, Destroyers of undead
Symbol: A raven’s head
Favoured Weapon: Klar
Holy Animal: Ravens

Domains: Ancestors, Protection, Memory, Ruins


Castor Haran
Alignment: LE
Favoured Weapon: Longsword
Holy Animal: Dogs

No one really knows what the genocider once was, but he was not always a god. Stories are told of a monster, ten metres tall, with grey tattooed skin, cloven hooves, and enormous tusks. They say that it breathed lighting, and that no spell could penetrate its hide. This is clearly hyperbolic, but history does support the existence of some kind of giant warlord who fancied himself the god of slaughter. No one knows what happened to that warlord, but not too long after his conquest of the flatlands, clerics of the so called genocider started popping up. 
Alignment: CE
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Glory, War
Worshippers: Soldiers, Berzerkers, Generals
Symbol: A downward pointed fist with blood streaking up it
Favoured Weapon: Greatsword
Holy Animal: Boar

Ol’ Slash Throat
Alignment: CE
Domains: Chaos, Death, Evil, Liberation
Worshippers: Murderers, Pirates, Cannibals, Literally no one good
Symbol: A severed head with it’s eyes crossed comically
Favoured Weapon: Dagger
Holy Animal: Horses

The Pantheon Greater

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