The Gods of the North

The North

Religion in the north is fairly straightforward. You share your meals with your god, you share your drink with your house, you share your toil with your garden, and you leave nuts and berries for the birds. You share your life with nature and with the gods.

Northerners believe that there is a god of all things, home, hearth, stone, earth, sleep, meat, and even your feet. They don’t worship them per say, but the love and respect you show the world shows the world how devout you are



Kiren Tor

Kiren Tor is the protector of plains and forests. He is the somewhat friendlier brother to Yemen þor, and much more widely worshiped. He is the son of The Sky and The Earth, born when the rain watered the first plant
Alignment: NG
Domains: Animal, Community, Plant, Protection
Worshippers: Hunters, Craftspeople, Farmers
Symbol: the head of a badger with a paw covering its eyes
Favoured Weapon: Spiked shield
Holy Animal: Badgers


Yemen Þor

Yemen Þor is the protector of the seas and mountains. He's the darker, less trusting brother of Kiren tor. He is almost exclusively worshipped in Wyewytch, and by sailors far north of the mainland. He was born when the first wave crashed against the first mountain.

Alignment: LN
Domains: Air, Repose, Water, Weather
Worshippers: Women, Sailors, Old Souls
Symbol: A stylized mountain surrounded by waves
​​​​​​​Favoured Weapon: Bill
​​​​​​​Holy Animal: Seagulls

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The Gods of the North

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